Amazon Prime? Do you use it JUST for free fast shipping?

A little before Christmas last year, the time when everyone orders all their gifts, is when I signed up for an Amazon Prime Trial. We were ordering many of the Christmas presents on Amazon so I figured I would try it out for a free month and then I could just cancel it after Christmas, after getting free next day shipping on everything. I initially thought that Amazon prime was just for shipping benefits, I

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Is your Gym Pass too much money?

How much do you pay for your gym pass? $50/month? $100/month? Are there better options out there? I bet there are thousands of people that have gym passes that rarely if ever use them. Those people are just throwing money away each month. If you are not using it, definitely call them up and cancel! If you do use your gym pass, maybe you can re-evaluate the cost and compare around with some of the

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Chop down on your Electricity Bill

I am making a goal to reduce my next few energy bills by $50/month. I will update on another blog in a couple months on my findings! Here are some of the ways I am hoping to achieve that: Turn off lights you’re not using! This one is tough when you have little kids. They tend to leave lights on quite a bit, also because they are afraid of the dark. Gentle reminders help them

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Do you really need (or even USE) Cable TV?

We started noticing our children would come down first thing in the morning after waking up and grab the remote control and turn on the TV. They would argue over the remote control and what show should be on. We didn’t like this. They were getting way too much screen time and not enough imagination and play time. So, We did an experiment in our house the past month. We unplugged the televisions and video

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Track what you are spending on Groceries! It might be a lot more than you think!

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, if you are not controlling and aware of your expenses, you will not be saving money. It has taken me a long time to realize what our biggest expense is, and at the moment, it is our groceries. Not our mortgage, not our car payments. Our groceries! We go to the store once a week and walk around and pick up whatever we want and we usually

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