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Smell Gas in your House? This tool can save you money!

We moved into our current house in July of 2017. Fast forward a couple months and we wanted to get the gas fireplace running so we could use it for winter. I had to turn the gas valve on in our furnace room to the gas line that goes to the fireplace, and then I got the fireplace lit with the pilot. My wife was pregnant at the time and we were due with our

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Replace all of your home door knobs/handles and locks for only $75 (cad)

I think generally when you move into a new (to you) place you should replace all the locks as you don’t know if the old owner still has any keys. We moved into our current house about 1.5 years ago, so I am a little bit late. To be honest, our garage door knob just broke off, so that’s the main reason this priority got pushed to the top of the list. Since I wanted

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Homemade DIY Pull Up Bar!

Our home gym has a treadmill and a nice bench press. One thing we were missing was a pull up bar. I have a doorway pull up bar but it only works well on wider doorways and the only wider doorway available is at the top of the stairs. That would not be a nice tumble down if it fell! I decided to build a homemade pull up bar with parts from home depot and

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Update the look of your Kitchen for under $500

Old home vs New home For some reason, moving into a twenty year old house was so much more satisfying to me than when we moved into a brand new house. I knew the old house would have issues and we wouldn’t have a home warranty anymore, but that actually made me happy. In this old house, I was now the warranty. So now I had the opportunity to fix everything that had issues, which

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Window Trim – Removal and Replacement

See my Youtube videos for my DIY window trim/moulding removal and replacement! I had some water damage due to the humidity in the house when it was cold outside. Turning the humidifier way down helped a ton with the condensation but the trim was already damaged previously. I finally got around to removing it and then I couldn’t find the same design of trim so I ended up replacing the whole window trim instead of

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