If you work on your own vehicles and would like to purchase the service manual for your vehicle, check out eManualOnline.com and you can download it instantly.  Open it up on your phone, tablet or laptop while working in your garage and have access to all the information that a shop would.emanualonline.com

Debadge your Car for $0 in only 30 minutes

Have you ever wanted people to think your basic Audi A4 is actually an Audi R8 supercar? Well now you can fool them! Just kidding. For myself, debadging a vehicle is about creating a cleaner smoother look to the vehicle while also making it look more custom and different. It’s not meant to fool someone into thinking I have a different vehicle. I’ve seen a few debadging videos and how-to’s and thought I would attempt

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2014 Audi A4 – New Air Filter Install

Since purchasing my 2014 Audi A4 in October, the only thing that I have done to it so far (besides putting on winter tires) is change the air filter. I got a re-usable aftermarket air filter from tdotperformance.ca. It is an AEM DryFlow Air Filter and came out to $60 shipped to my door. This is more expensive than a regular air filter, but it will pay off in the long run as it will

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Winter tires – don’t have to break your bank $$

Up here in Northern Canada, we get a ton of snow. I never used to get winter tires, but since having a family and being more worried about their safety, I have been using winter tires for the past few years now. Any website you read online will tell you that the worst snow tire is still better than the best all season tire. Not to mention your tires will last twice as long as

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Certified Pre-Owned Offers – Luxury Cars – Canada – October 1, 2018

If you are interested in a Certified Pre-Owned luxury vehicle for their warranty or good interest rates, I will post some of the offers available here and update as I can.  If there is interest I will also create a post for new vehicle offers. BMW Mercedes Benz Jaguar

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Buying a Used Car from a Dealership in Alberta – Know These Things!

I have been looking at used cars for sale online at dealerships quite a bit lately.  I have emailed a few dealerships asking questions and always get so turned off by dealing with used car dealers.  Just by sending out a few emails it was pretty easy to find dealers that are not following the law. I would guess dealers do this because most people don’t know the law and don’t question them.  In this

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