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It doesn’t matter how much money you make, if you are not controlling and aware of your expenses, you will not be saving money.

It has taken me a long time to realize what our biggest expense is, and at the moment, it is our groceries. Not our mortgage, not our car payments. Our groceries!

We go to the store once a week and walk around and pick up whatever we want and we usually end up walking out spending around $400…. a week. Actually over the past 2 weeks we spent $842. If I converted that to monthly and yearly it would be $1831/month and $21,976/year. That is INSANE!

I decided that since this is the biggest expense that we have, this is where I would start to try and make a change. One method I am using is the online ordering at Superstore. This way I can compare all the prices and pick exactly what I need without walking around the store grabbing items and I can see the total price at checkout before I have to pay for it. If it gets to be too much I can re-evaluate my cart, whereas in the store, you can’t really do that.

After seeing those numbers on how much we spend on food, my goal is to limit ourselves to $200/week, which is $870/month. That is still quite a bit of money, but we do have a family of 5 and as is, that would cut our grocery bill in half, a good start.

My first online order I did came out to $195 with everything we needed on our list, which really makes me wonder how we were even spending $500+ at times.

How do you track your grocery spending? Leave a comment with your tips or suggestions.

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