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How much do you pay for your gym pass? $50/month? $100/month? Are there better options out there?

I bet there are thousands of people that have gym passes that rarely if ever use them. Those people are just throwing money away each month. If you are not using it, definitely call them up and cancel! If you do use your gym pass, maybe you can re-evaluate the cost and compare around with some of the other facilities.

For myself, working for the Municipality saves me a TON of money on my gym pass. I get access to all of the Municipality fitness facilities for half price and through payroll deduction. I also use it 5-6 days a week on average. Unfortunately my family does not get the same discount as me, but my wife does get a family discount of 20% due to her work. Check if your work offers a discount!

One thing we do that saves us $118/month in the spring/summer is cancel my wife and children’s memberships. In the winter the membership is definitely needed so we can still enjoy physical activities when its -40 outside, but in the spring and summer we just play outside. If we get rid of their gym membership for half the year, that saves over $700 a year and we get all the Vitamin D we need. We live right by a Park and the kids prefer that anyway, so that is where we spend most of our time when it is nice out. We also have a few backup gym pieces in our basement. You can also create some equipment by your self, such as a pull up bar! I made my own with parts from Home Depot and Lowes and it works great. Or check out Kijiji and look for great deals .

If you are signing up to a new gym, you should never pay a signup or registration fee. You can always bargain and shouldn’t feel bad doing so. Be careful with signing up for contracts and always do free trials to see if the gym fits your needs.

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