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A little before Christmas last year, the time when everyone orders all their gifts, is when I signed up for an Amazon Prime Trial. We were ordering many of the Christmas presents on Amazon so I figured I would try it out for a free month and then I could just cancel it after Christmas, after getting free next day shipping on everything.

I initially thought that Amazon prime was just for shipping benefits, I did not know that there was more to it.

What else is there?

So, you’re thinking of signing up for Amazon Prime. What else is included, besides the free fast shipping?

  • Prime Video
  • Prime Music
  • Amazon Photos
  • Twitch Prime
  • Prime Early Access

Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is pretty similar to Netflix, on a smaller scale. It has some great movies and shows and for people in Canada (Netflix content is much more limited here) it provides alternative shows and movies to Netflix. If you have both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video you can have a pretty decent selection. In my opinion, with the way Amazon is growing, Amazon Prime Video will continue to get better and better and might rival Netflix in a few years.

Netflix in Canada is now $9.99, $13.99 and $16.99 based on what plan you have. Amazon Prime is $8.39/month or $79/year. It is definitely not on par with Netflix regarding movies and shows yet, but it offers more than just movies and shows as well.

One area where Amazon needs to step up the Prime Video is apps. With the cable companies here, they all have Netflix apps built into their systems that allow you to watch Netflix on your TV’s. You can also stream the Netflix app from your phone to your smart TV’s or Chromecasts. I use the Netflix app a lot from my phone and cast the shows to our Chromecast. Super simple and allows me to not even have cable to watch it.

The Prime Video app does not have that cast function, but you can download the Prime Video app if you have a Smart TV. We do not have Smart TV’s so when we want to watch something on Prime Video we play it on the computer and then connect the HDMI cable to our TV, which is slightly more of a nuisance.

You can get the Prime Video app for:

  • Android smartphones
  • iOS devices
  • Apple TV
  • Smart Tvs (Samsung, Sony, LG)
  • Fire TV Stick Basic Edition
  • Fire Tablets
  • Playstation
  • Xbox One

Some movies and shows can also be downloaded on the Prime Video App to be watched offline or at a later date, similar to the Netflix download function.

Prime Music

Prime music provides unlimited, ad-free access to streaming music. You can create playlists with songs from Amazon’s Prime Music catalog. I’m not a huge music person so I have not really used Prime Music other than to test it out.

You can play prime music on:

  • Echo devices
  • Online in your browser
  • iOS devices
  • Android smartphones
  • Fire Tablets
  • Bose SoundTouch systems

You can also download music for offline playback through the Amazon Prime Music App.

Amazon Photos

This is one item that I have not even touched yet. I am so accustomed to using google Drive and my iCloud drive, but those fill up fast so I might have to switch over to Amazon Photos. Amazon Prime members get UNLIMITED photo storage and 5gb of storage for videos, documents and other files.

Unlimited photo storage is enough of a reason to switch over. With google drive you get 15gb or storage throughout your Gmail/Drive/Photos etc. I have actually created multiple google accounts just to be able to store more of my photos and videos on the google drives, so Amazon Prime photo storage would allow me to keep all my pictures in one place.

You can also invite 5 friends or family members to receive unlimited photo storage and collect photos together in the Family Vault.

Damn, I’ve convinced myself. Time to check it out. (It is backing up all my phones photos as I write this)

Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is another aspect of Amazon Prime that I have not used. I’m old, I don’t even know what the **** Twitch is. It looks like it’s people playing video games and streaming themselves? I got 3 kids, ain’t no daddy got time fo dat.

Twitch.tv users who link their Amazon Prime accounts get a free Twitch channel subscription every 30 days and exclusive access to free game content.

Prime Early Access

Prime Early Access gives Prime members 30-minute early access to ‘Lightning Deals’ on amazon. I guess this is for items that might normally sell out very quickly. If you have any experience with this leave a comment and let me know!

Is it worth it?

In my mind, absolutely! I think initially most people get Prime for the shipping, but with all the other aspects that are included, its totally worth it. Unlimited photo storage in itself is worth a few bucks a month, throw in a pretty basic Netflix like Video package and free shipping to my door in about 12 seconds, I’m sold.

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