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I think generally when you move into a new (to you) place you should replace all the locks as you don’t know if the old owner still has any keys. We moved into our current house about 1.5 years ago, so I am a little bit late. To be honest, our garage door knob just broke off, so that’s the main reason this priority got pushed to the top of the list.

Since I wanted to replace all the door locks anyway, I just decided to get a 3 pack of new door knobs and locks. Lowes had a pack of 3 on sale for $75, so I went with that.

This was my first time changing any door knobs/handles so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Check out my video on Youtube below to follow me changing 2 of the door handles/locks.

A few things I learned in the process that might be beneficial to you:

  1. The deadbolt latch has an up arrow
  2. The latches (on my kit anyway) are adjustable in length
  3. The spring latch straight face goes on the inside (this should be obvious when you think about it)
  4. Lining up the screws is probably the hardest part
  5. If your deadbolt hole doesn’t line up with the deadbolt, you can put lipstick on the deadbolt tip, close the door and try to open/close the deadbolt a few times and that will leave a mark where the deadbolt is hitting so you can see how much needs to be removed
  6. Don’t change these when its freezing cold outside, it will just piss you off

I think changing all three of my door knobs and locks for $75 was a pretty good deal. And now I have 12 keys!

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