My name is Omar Butt. When my children are whining they say ‘but daaaaad’. I am Butt Dad. Father of three amazing children (5, 3, 1). Husband to a wife way out of my league. Welcome to my Blog!

I started this website as a representation of my life and all the things that it encompasses. I am a firm believer of being able to do anything we put our minds to and learning new things keeps us alive. I love trying new things (home and auto diy) and I hope that I can help you all by learning from my mistakes or things that I discover along the way. Being a parent is one of the most challenging and stressful things in the world, but also the most rewarding. I am an extremely proud father and love to share the amazing things my children do.

With that being said one of my big goals with starting this website and my YouTube channel is to actually earn income. We all hear about people earning ridiculous amounts of money online and I’m going to do my best to discover how possible that dream is. I will share about all that I learn and what income I am able to achieve. Follow my progress through my blogs and Like and Subscribe to my YouTube channel to support my journey!