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I am making a goal to reduce my next few energy bills by $50/month. I will update on another blog in a couple months on my findings! Here are some of the ways I am hoping to achieve that:

  • Turn off lights you’re not using! This one is tough when you have little kids. They tend to leave lights on quite a bit, also because they are afraid of the dark. Gentle reminders help them remember.
  • Unplugged our cable boxes and the spare TV – I watched a video of a man who said he cut 1/3 off his electricity bill just by turning off his cable box as the power it drew was as much as a refrigerator. I don’t know about those claims, but, we are getting rid of cable so we have to return the cable boxes anyway! It will be interesting to see what kind of difference this makes on the next few bills.
  • Put computer peripherals on a separate power bar – I turn off the power bar when I am not home using the computer so the monitors and such are off. I do keep my desktop computer running because I log into it remotely on a daily basis.
  • Use all energy efficient bulbs – I have pretty much already switched out most of our bulbs for energy efficient ones, at least in the areas where we use the lights the most.

Our water heater is run on gas, so that will be another blog post on ways to reduce our gas bill and our water bill as well.

Do you have any tips or suggestions that have worked for you for saving money on your home electricity bill? Share them with us!

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