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We moved into our current house in July of 2017. Fast forward a couple months and we wanted to get the gas fireplace running so we could use it for winter. I had to turn the gas valve on in our furnace room to the gas line that goes to the fireplace, and then I got the fireplace lit with the pilot.

My wife was pregnant at the time and we were due with our third child in September and she has always had a very strong sense of smell. She started to smell gas so we called out a natural gas company to come check for leaks.  This is a free service that they provide so we weren’t paying for anything here.

The gas tech came out and went down to the furnace room and waved his ‘magic wand’ all around and couldn’t find anything. He checked at the fireplace and his gas detector could only detect a tiny amount. At that point he just told us to turn off the gas valve to the fireplace and for us to call a fireplace technician.

Being the cheap ass I am, I decided to try and figure it out myself. I didn’t want to spend a couple hundred dollars paying a fireplace technician to come out. The gas smell went away when the valve to the fireplace was shut off, so I knew there was a leak somewhere in that line. I ordered a portable gas detector off amazon for under $40. (Links below)

Canada –  USA –

When that gas detector came I went back to my furnace room, turned on the fireplace valve and followed the gas line up. There was a joint that connected two pieces of pipe and boom. Found the leak. Thanks for nothing gas man.

So now that I found the leak, I had to fix it. The lines in there were copper pipe and again, I wasn’t going to call out a plumber and pay them hundreds of dollars to come replace my pipe! It was a really awkward spot as well that was very hard to get to.

I was able to find a flexible gas pipe (used for gas appliances) at home depot, for about $40. It looks like you can get this on amazon for about $15 now! (Links below)

Canada – USA –

All I had to do then was replace the existing copper pipe with this new flex pipe and that fixed my leak! I learned a thing or two and saved my hard earned money while doing so.

Check out my Youtube video below. Don’t forget to Subscribe and always try to do it yourself!

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