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Our home gym has a treadmill and a nice bench press. One thing we were missing was a pull up bar. I have a doorway pull up bar but it only works well on wider doorways and the only wider doorway available is at the top of the stairs. That would not be a nice tumble down if it fell!

I decided to build a homemade pull up bar with parts from home depot and lowes. I still have to go through the receipt to list the prices of all the pieces I got, but check out the video of me putting it up on my Youtube channel below!  I will update this page with the cost once I get a chance to go through the receipt but all this pipe is readily available at home depot or lowes. I went with 1″ pipe and it seems very strong and durable. My main pipe width is 36″.

I was also able to find a TRX band set at winners for $20, so I have added that to the bar as well to provide more/different exercises we can do as well.

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