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Old home vs New home

For some reason, moving into a twenty year old house was so much more satisfying to me than when we moved into a brand new house. I knew the old house would have issues and we wouldn’t have a home warranty anymore, but that actually made me happy. In this old house, I was now the warranty.

So now I had the opportunity to fix everything that had issues, which in my mind means, learning new things.  And I looooooveeee to learn. I have never been one to ask questions, not because I know everything, far from it actually. It is because I love to find solutions. If I don’t know something, I will wreak havoc on my life until I figure it out (maybe I should see a psychiatrist).  Long story short, the best part of living in a house that isn’t brand new is you don’t feel bad about tearing something apart and replacing it yourself.  Whether you get it perfect the first time or have to do it twice, I can almost guarantee you’re saving money by not hiring a ‘professional’ and you get to learn a new skill on the way.  That is irreplaceable.

So if you like to try things yourself, Subscribe to my Youtube channel and join in on some of my DIY projects. If you don’t learn how to do something, you should at least learn how NOT to do something by watching me try!

Kitchen Update

Moving into our house we wanted to customize it more to make it feel like ‘ours’. We have changed quite a few things in our house in the ~year of ownership. This blog is about the Kitchen update, so far anyway. Our kitchen was a pretty generic looking kitchen from the 2000’s with oak cabinets. We decided to paint all our cabinets and put a new island countertop on.  The most expensive portion of this update was the actual laminate countertop.  The countertop cost $392 CAD from lowes.  The original countertop stopped right on the edges of the island base but we wanted more counter space so we extended each side by about 6 inches each.  The ONE thing that I would change if I could redo the countertop is that I would have gotten the edging on all 4 sides instead of just 2 (see my image below).  I think that would have made it look quite a bit better and it would not have even looked like laminate. That would have cost a little bit more but in my opinion changed the look quite a bit and made it less susceptible to getting damaged.

We got our paint from Home Depot and though I do not remember the exact cost, we only used 1 can for the cabinets and 1 small can for the island base/pantry door. We also got 1 can of primer and obviously the sanding blocks, paint rollers and trays. If you add that all up it is around $100. Paint type is also important, talk to the paint experts and make sure you are getting the right type for the right job. They make specific paint for cabinets in your house and the cabinet paint that we used has held up amazingly.

Sanding is the most important step when painting kitchen cabinets, by far. If you don’t do a good job of sanding and prepping the cabinets the primer and paint won’t stick. If someone bumps into it or scratches it, it will literally just peel everything off. SAND SAND SAND! Make sure to take your time and let the paint properly dry in between coats as well.

Check out my Youtube video below and let me know what you think about the update. Don’t forget to Subscribe for more DIY projects.

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